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Archives: July 2016

Brandable Domain Names for Business

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A Guide to Brandable Domains

When you decide to start a new business, the internet provides unlimited potential for growth of your business. To tap into the worldwide internet market, you have to create and launch a functional website. This is where all your potential customers will come to shop at. You will have to decide on a name for your website. For convenience purposes, it is recommended that you use a brand name that is easily remembered while at the same time relates to your brand. Simple and memorable, brandable domains will make it easy for customers to remember your business website and refer others to the same.

What are Brandable Domains?

A brandable domain name is a one that takes into consideration branding properties. Brandable domain names are creative names that are easy to remember. They make it easier for internet users to remember a certain brand. A branded domain name might make use of the company name for better representation of the brand.

Characteristics of great Brandable Domains

The first and most important property of a great domain name is that it should be short. A short domain name is easy to remember and convenient when typing. It is recommended that you consider one word creative names as the best while every other word that is added reduces the value of the name. When typing a web domain name, users will prefer the shortest when faced with competing options.

A great domain name will be descriptive. A descriptive domain name provides users with an easy way to remember. The descriptive properties help the internet user have an idea of what the website is about before they even get to it; company names may be used here. The users can gauge the relevance of the website before they access it. When faced with multiple options the internet user will choose the web domain that sounds relevant. Brandable domains may be descriptive but not every time.

A great domain name should have a .com extension. This is the most popular extension; users in most cases will use this extension without knowing. Where the user does not enter a domain extension then the auto complete feature in web browsers will automatically enter a .com extension. It is, therefore, easy to see that using a different extension such as .net might lead users to your competition. Brandable domains provide the best avenue of creating a non-existent domain name.

Brandable domain names make use of creative names and letter combinations to boost the names appeal. There may be other visual additions that add to the names representation of your company’s name. On top of the above characteristics, branding properties in the name enhance the value of a web domain. A brandable web domain name is essential in enhancing your company name as a brand.